CRS2F100 RS-232 to Fiber

ParameterAssociated MIB variableDescription
BIAcrs2f100BiaIndex(1)See BIA and Slot
Slotcrs2f100SlotIndex(2)See BIA and Slot
Group Membershipcrs2f100Groups(3)See Configuration Management
Marketing Revisioncrs2f100MRevision(4)Marketing Revision
Config Matchcrs2f100CfgMatch(5)Configuration Management match?
Serial Numbercrs2f100SerialNumber(6)Serial Number reported by hardware
Fiber Connectorcrs2f100ConnA(7)Fiber Connector Type reported by device
Copper Connectorcrs2f100ConnB(8)Copper Connector Type reported by device
Fiber Linkcrs2f100FiberLink(9)Link status of Local Fiber Port
Faultcrs2f100Fault(10)Fault status reported by local device
Firmware Revisioncrs2f100FirmwareRevision(11)Firmware Revision reported by local device
Local Loopbackcrs2f100Loopback(12)Local fiber and copper loopback setting.
Local Role (DCE/DTE)crs2f100DCE(13)An indication of whether this device is attached to a DCE (a modem) or a DTE (a terminal or computer).
Local Copper Activitycrs2f100CopperActivity(14)Receive Activity on the local copper interface
Local Configuration Modecrs2f100ConfigMode(15)Configuration Mode of local device.
Remote Detectedcrs2f100RmtDetected(16)Has the value yes(1) if management communcations have been established with a remote media device.
Remote Loopbackcrs2f100RmtLoopback(17)Remote fiber and copper loopback setting.
Remote Role (DCE/DTE)crs2f100RmtDCE(18)An indication of whether the remote device is attached to a DCE (a modem) or a DTE (a terminal or computer).
Remote Copper Activitycrs2f100RmtCopperActivity(19)Receive Activity on the remote copper interface
Remote Configuration Modecrs2f100RmtConfigMode(20)Configuration Mode of remote device.
Cache Cleancrs2f100CacheClean(21)Configuration changes pending?