New Security Technology is Effective When Networked

This week ushers in ISC West, which brings not only a host of product news from companies but also provides a variety of interesting trends in the security industry.

One trend is in the refinement of detection sensors. New “smart sensors”, which are used to recreate the human senses to hear better, have enhanced sight and have an uncanny sense of smell. An example would be smoke detectors warning when unusual activities are occurring. Smoke detectors that can pinpoint the source of the smoke, IP cameras that can detect motion and automatically zoom in, and listening devices that can tune out background noise are all part of the new “body” of security that is being demonstrated at ISC West.

What makes these sensors come to life is the network connections and topology that acts like a central nervous system. Wired or wireless, connecting the sensors to the ‘person’ (or the brain) who takes action becomes more critical when security is dependent on them.

Security should be top-of-mind at all times in corporate environments. New technology introductions continue to address safety concerns.

The Lantronix team is headed off to ISC West and I personally am looking forward to exploring this topic more at the show.