“It’s my data, and I’ll cry if you lose it.”

A lot of personal data is gathered on each and every one of us, and it is routinely traded, sold and otherwise shared.  There isn’t a lot we can do to stop it but it would sure be comforting to know that when personal information is transmitted, it is done in a secure fashion. This transmission can take place over a wireless or wirelan network, or in person. In the medical space, government rules like the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules demand that your private medical information be kept private.

To that end, here at Lantronix we have spent a lot of time including methods to make it easy for people implementing our products to send data securely using well- established encryption and authentication standards such as FIPS197 (AES), IPsec and higher level protocols like SSL and SSH.  Wireless adds another level of concern but we have spent man-years implementing the latest security methodologies to keep your data safe – even over the air.

As your personal information is placed on a network, it’s nice to know that some nefarious individual cannot decipher the data stream due to solid data security practices that have been put in place.