June 13, 2018


The Magic Wand for Out-of-band

Lantronix ConsoleFlow™ Brings In-band Productivity to Out-of-band Networks

Your company is growing, but your IT team is not.

There are more locations and more branch offices to manage. You can be at one location but your IT equipment is everywhere. It’s your job to keep all this IT equipment up and running, always, because your business depends on it. Network downtime costs your company real money. This is where console managers come in.

Console managers allow you to access, manage and fix IT equipment issues remotely over modems, broadband connections or cellular networks. You can remotely SSH to any IT equipment connected to a console manager to configure it, apply a patch or fix issues, even when your main networks are down. Awesome, but…

ConsoleFlow enables you to remotely monitor and maintain IT Infrastructure

You have to keep track of all the console managers you have installed, where they are located and what’s connected to them. You still have to constantly monitor the health of IT equipment, console managers and your out-of-band network. But in an ideal world, when stuff breaks somewhere, you want to know right away so that you can fix it (before your boss even knows!).

Do you track your equipment in spreadsheets today? What you need is software that automates all of this for you — the magic wand for out-of-band. It is called Lantronix ConsoleFlow™. You can carry it in your pocket too!  With the ConsoleFlow mobile app.


 Centralized IT Asset Directory for Console Managers: Lantronix ConsoleFlow

Quickly find individual or groups of console managers with ConsoleFlow’s Google-like instant search.


Lantronix ConsoleFlow is software that aggregates all your Lantronix console managers and connected IT equipment into a centralized directory. You can find any console manager or IT equipment located anywhere using a Google-like instant search. Automated monitoring keeps an eye on everything that matters to you so that you don’t have to.



Centralized IT Asset Directory- console managers Data Dashboard

Data from console managers is visualized in intuitive dashboards.


You can connect to IT equipment with a single click. When you are ready to roll an update or a fix, a few clicks are all it takes, whether it is for one device or a thousand. You can integrate ConsoleFlow into your existing workflows using its REST APIs. There is no other software that brings this level of productivity for managing your IT infrastructure over out-of-band networks.

ConsoleFlow is ready for you. Are you ready for ConsoleFlow?

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