Introducing TN Cloud: Cloud Management for Transition Networks Devices

Organizations across the globe have data communication networks that vary in deployment size, architecture, and complexity. The burden of managing these networks lies with IT administrators, who often grapple with fundamental questions around how to easily deploy new or replacement network devices, how to ensure configurations are consistent across multiple devices, and how to monitor and troubleshoot distributed networks effectively.

To address these challenges, IT professionals need to have reliable and simple yet powerful tools to effectively manage their network environments.

There are multiple ways to provide these management capabilities – customers may choose to use a vendor-provided device management tool, a third-party management software, or use the network device’s built-in capabilities. User preferences for accessing device management functionality also vary – some prefer graphical interfaces with intuitive workflows, yet others are more proficient on command-line interfaces (CLI). In addition to the diversity in how organizations manage their networks, consumption models for IT applications have also been rapidly evolving over the last two decades. Initially, cloud management for network devices was targeted at smaller organizations that didn’t have in-house IT personnel. However, new cloud management capabilities have caught the eye of medium-sized organizations and enterprises wanting network management software delivered as a service.

Transition Networks believes in advancing our product portfolio to meet customer challenges, making it easier for them to run their businesses and focus on what they’re passionate about. Until now, our customers have managed their primary devices in two ways – directly via the CLI and, for certain models, via the Device Management System (DMS) Software. DMS is an embedded tool that makes it easy for administrators to automatically discover and build topologies of connected devices, monitor device health, and performance, and manage key capabilities such as Power over Ethernet (PoE) settings for network switches. We are  proud to extend this line of management options to introduce the Transition Networks Cloud (TN Cloud) to add cloud-based management to our portfolio of products to simplify the management of distributed networks for our customers.

While the CLI and DMS are powerful tools for network management, they require the administrator to have local access to their environment. The TN Cloud solution provides a single pane of glass for administrators to manage distributed networks.

TN Cloud Features include:

  • Simply view device inventory, where each connected device is within a building and its connected switch
  • Closely monitor alarms and tasks to see device outages
  • Remotely reset malfunctioning devices with Auto Power Reset
  • Automatically detect any new devices added to the network
  • Quickly arrange software deployments across the network with scheduled firmware upgrades

Together, these cloud features add significant value to you by offering flexibility for managing deployments of any size and scope, backed by a secure, reliable, and scalable cloud infrastructure.

And there’s more to come: We have a rich roadmap of features and capabilities that we’re actively working on and will continuously deliver upon over the next several weeks.

Is TN Cloud the right solution for you?

The TN Cloud is well suited for enterprises, both large and small, with dedicated IT teams focused on managing their networks’ day-to-day operations. In addition, organizations offering managed services to their customers can also add additional value by providing complete network visibility to their customer’s deployment environment. We look forward to working with our channel partners and end customers to introduce these new capabilities to their organizations.

Are you ready to bring your management to the cloud?

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