What is PoE Lighting?

What is PoE Lighting?

It’s time for your lighting to do more than switch on or off. Did you know your building lighting can provide benefits beyond just light? Smart lighting use Power over Ethernet (PoE) to operate energy-efficient LED lights, sensors, and controllers that can perform actionable analytics to better serve those who use each space.

What makes PoE lighting different?

PoE lighting leverages new or existing network cabling installed throughout buildings to connect and power lights. PoE lights utilize low-voltage DC power, making them safer, faster, easier, and less costly to install than traditional lighting. Because PoE lights are IP-addressable, they can also be integrated with access control, HVAC, and other networked systems to make buildings smarter, as well.

Transition Networks has many PoE, PoE+, and PoE++ switches supporting PoE lighting, including plenum-rated switches that are ideal for safe installation and operation above ceilings or under raised floors where communications cables are located.


What are plenum-rated switches?

Plenum-rated switches are designed with materials that are non-combustible and have smoke characteristics that are non-toxic and prevent fire-spreading. This special rating allows them to be placed in air handling spaces to safely and conveniently deliver power and connectivity for IP-enabled devices throughout buildings.


What other features make Transition Network switches ideal for PoE lighting?

Several of our features make maintenance of the entire network of lights, switches, and other connected devices easy.  Most Transition Networks switches have Device Management System (DMS) software for simplified configuration, installation, and troubleshooting of switches, lights, and other connected IP devices within the network. The DMS software helps lower overall cost, reduces downtime, and streamlines management and maintenance of the entire PoE network.

When a device malfunctions, sometimes a simple reset will get the device back on track. Our switches include Auto Power Reset (APR) functionality which enables monitoring and remote resetting of the connected, powered devices. This simple feature reduces service calls and downtime for your lighting and other devices on the PoE network.

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