Big Things Come in Small Packages


Lantronix Embedded IoT Gateways

As more and more industrial OEMs realize the benefits of developing connected solutions for IoT deployments, the list of capabilities needed in embedded IoT gateways is continuously growing to include robust connectivity options along with integrated security, cloud connectivity, and more processing power for local analytics. This evolving list of functionalities is a direct result of fundamental changes in business models that focus on ongoing OEM engagement throughout a product’s lifecycle. Many industrial OEMs developing a connected solution require connectivity products with built-in features for device manageability, new protocol stacks, sophisticated algorithms and comprehensive software frameworks to manage the complexities of industrial IoT systems.

Even though device complexity has increased over the last decade, developing an Internet of Things (IoT) device has never been easier thanks to feature-rich embedded IoT modules and gateways from Lantronix that can offload all the networking complexity. Earlier this month, Lantronix launched the xPico 200 family of embedded IoT gateways to help OEMs build and support their stakeholders with deploying and managing their connected devices faster than ever before.

The xPico 200 family of embedded IoT gateways leverages Cypress Semiconductors’ next-generation of 802.11n Wi-Fi MCU, providing best-in-class connectivity with the range and compute performance needed in industrial environments.

The small postage stamp size of the xPico 200 family packs a ton of other capabilities such as integrated Ethernet and Bluetooth connectivity and dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity with WPA2 enterprise security. Its secure root of trust adds another layer of protection by detecting and reporting unauthorized changes to the operating system. The xPico 200 series also supports our OEM’s favorite feature – concurrent SoftAP and Station mode of operation, which helps OEMs developing headless products create a seamless user experience for their customers when provisioning devices or administering technical support in the field.

But a premium hardware platform is just the beginning. Within its small form factor, the xPico 200 series includes intelligent networking and automatic connection management for a variety of real-world applications. Currently, the xPico 200 gateways are being designed into industrial, medical, retail, smart building, and transportation verticals. Read the application spotlights here:

Lantronix has long been known in the industry for providing robust data access, management and networking software that comes production-ready with all our products. The xPico 200 series is no different. Our field-tested TruPort® Serial and TruPort® Socket enable out-of-the-box connectivity locally and over the Internet for hundreds of serial machine protocols, and a built-in network communications engine which helps completely offload the host processor, simplifying embedded application development.

The xPico 200 family is also the first set of Lantronix embedded gateways that include pre-integration with the Lantronix MACH10™ IoT platform, including MACH10 Global Device Manager, which allows OEMs to build in industrial grade, scalable, multi-tenant and secure device management capabilities for their new connected products.

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