December 06, 2017

Delivering Smart Connectivity to Industrial Weighing Scales

Advanced Embedded Wireless IoT Gateway for Weighing Scales


Connected weighing scales and POS systems have been deployed in the retail environment for many years. This connectivity was typically hard wired via serial or Ethernet. In today’s highly dynamic retail space, quick configuration of the store and the various departments is required to accommodate ever changing  products and services. In addition, pop-up retail environments that sell seasonal goods require systems that are flexible and mobile. Installing wired connectivity for this purpose leads to store downtime and may not even be feasible in most pop-up retail setups.

A global manufacturer of industrial and commercial weighing scales needed an industrial-grade and reliable enterprise Wi-Fi solution for building commercial weighing machines used in retail environments. The connected industrial weighing scales would be used in retail stores and communicate accurate weight and pricing information on hundreds of items to the retailer’s point of sale systems. The OEM needed a globally certified solution that would mitigate significant product validation and re-certification risks and cost.

Could Lantronix provide a secure, robust wireless solution that would allow this OEM to quickly deliver its smart connected weighing scale solutions to the market?

Read this updated IoT Case Study to learn how Lantronix xPico240 Embedded IoT Gateway hosting Cypress Semiconductor Corporation’s CYW43907 Dual-Core Arm Cortex-R4 Dual-Band (2.5/5 GHz) 802.11n Wi-Fi MCU, enabled them to build a market-ready prototype quicker, reduce total cost of development, go to production faster, and deliver a comprehensive solution to market on time.

Read the Case Study here.

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