April 15, 2022

Choose Quality & Support for your Optical Transceivers with Transition Networks

Transition Networks offers a full line of Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) transceivers which fully integrate with our fiber integration and data center solutions. Our pluggable transceivers offer a cost effective and flexible means to accommodate network modifications and growth, while still using existing network devices. In the past decade, Transition Networks has shipped over 500,000 transceivers worldwide to thousands of customers including enterprises, data centers, universities and service providers.

There are many reasons Transition Networks is the best choice for optical transceivers:

  • “Best in Class” quality, highest performance and compatibility — guaranteed
  • Comprehensive selection
  • Balance between quality, performance and price
  • Focus on service and support


“Best in Class” Quality, Highest Performance & Compatibility — Guaranteed

Testing is the most important part of Transition Networks’ quality process. We test every single unit on active network devices during our manufacturing process to ensure our products have the highest quality and performance possible. In our test process, all Transition Networks’ optical transceivers are verified to transmit in full data rate with zero errors. With over 29 years of expertise in fiber integration solutions, we understand how important it is to deliver the data correctly with full performance, offering service level assurance for our customers and their end users.

Transition Networks’ optical transceivers operate in our devices and most other devices that comply with industry MSA (Multi-Source Agreement). Additionally, Transition Networks’ vendor compatible transceivers fully comply with OEM (such as Cisco) equipment and don’t require a workaround when plugged into an OEM switch. Our optical transceivers are truly “plug-and-play”. In addition to the functional and performance tests, the vendor compatible transceivers are also verified in our quality lab and have been proven fully compatible in thousands of customer installations with switches and routers from many OEM vendors.


Comprehensive Selection

Transition Networks’ optical transceivers line includes:

  • SFP: A wide range of protocols and rates (Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Fiber Channel 4x 2x 1x, Sonet/SDH) which operate in either commercial or extended temperature environments
  • SFP+: Designed for 10G Ethernet and 10G Fiber Channels
  • XFP: Supporting a variety of 10Gbps protocols (Ethernet, Sonet/SDH, Fiber Channel)
  • X2: 10G Ethernet standard over a variety of distances
  • QSFP+: 40 Gbps interfaces support 40G Ethernet and OTN standards over multimode or single mode fiber
  • Smart SFP: SFP with embedded applications such as OTDR and performance monitoring

Transition Networks offers short-, medium-, and long-reach optical transceivers supporting speeds from 100Mbps to 40Gbps for customer applications which require the fiber connection to go across a building, across town or even greater than 100 miles. Our optical transceivers have the industry’s longest reach — up to 200km for Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet applications without using an amplifier.


Balance Between Quality Performance & Price

By purchasing Transition Networks optical transceivers, our customers can save up to 75% on the transceiver compared to a switch OEM’s best customer pricing. Transition Networks can achieve this with a focus on the SFP as a valuable network element where many OEM switch vendors treat this as an ancillary to their hardware and software services. What makes Transition Networks different from other suppliers? Our SFPs carry the highest level of quality in hardware, firmware and packaging; we are priced affordably; and we test our product more extensively than the online resellers or low cost manufacturers to ensure the quality is suitable for your network.


Focus on Service & Support

Performance Backed by Warranty

We are so confident in the quality and reliability of our optical transceivers that we back them with an industry leading warranty. We will stand behind the out-of-box performance through the useful life of the product. Within this period, simply send the defective product back to us and we will either repair the defective product — free of charge — or replace the product with an equivalent product.

Short Lead Time

We maintain a safety stock for most optical transceivers in order to fulfill customer orders expediently. We understand that many customers have experienced months of waiting for optical transceiver deliveries from OEM switch vendors which significantly impacts time-sensitive projects or results in unnecessary and costly network downtime.

Free Technical Support

Transition Networks provides customers with email access and live phone access to US-based support technicians.

Cost of Quality

We understand that the ever growing needs for bandwidth continue to challenge our customers. Business operations, revenue generation, and overall productivity are the basis for network operations. Studies have indicated that the cost of a network outage can range from $2,500 to $9,000 per minute from the resulting disruption in productivity and response to correct the network outage. The failure of an SFP will result in the same network disruption as the loss of the computing, storage, or switching element. Transition Networks’ optical transceivers ensure the quality needed to avoid these kinds of network disruptions – saving our customers time and money.



Quality, performance and service are the key factors that make Transition Networks successful in providing the best optical transceivers at the best value. It is our goal to help make our customers’ data networking and fiber integration applications successful.


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