TN-QSFP-100G Series

Cisco Compliant 100G QSFP28
QSFP28 100GBase-X With DMI

TN-QSFP-100G Series
  • LTX-TN-QSFP-100G-Series
  • TN-QSFP-100G-CWDM4
  • TN-QSFP-100G-LR4
  • TN-QSFP-100G-SR4

Lantronix TN-QSFP-100G Series QSFP28 optical transceivers are hot-swappable pluggables that can be installed in any QSFP28 port for 100 Gigabit Ethernet connections. The new generation of 100G transceiver solutions, which are compliant with the IEEE 802.3bm standard, offer customers a wide selection of high-density, compact footprint and low-power 100G Ethernet connectivity options.

Application includes: data center, high-performance computing network, core network

TN-QSFP-100G Series

TN-QSFP-100G Series Overview


  • Hot-pluggable QSFP28 form factor
  • High capacity: up to 103.1 Gbps
  • QSFP28 MSA Compliant
  • Single 3.3V Power Supply
  • Power dissipation < 3.5 Watts
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Digital Diagnostic Monitoring
  • 100GBase-SR4: 4 x 25 Gbps, 850nm, Multimode, 100 m over OM4, MPO
  • 100GBase-LR4: 4 x 25 Gbps, WDM wavelength, Single Mode, 10 km, Duplex LC
  • 100GBase-CWDM4 MSA: 4 x 25Gbps, WDM wavelength, Single Mode, 2 km, Duplex LC

TN-QSFP-100G Series Tech Specs


    • IEEE 802.3bm
    • SFF 8436


    • Width: 0.71” [18 mm]
    • Depth: 2.83” [72 mm]
    • Height: 0.33” [8.5 mm]

    Power Input

    • 3.3V


    • Operating: 0°C to +70°C
    • Storage: -40°C to +85°C


    • IEC 60825-1, FDA CDRH 21-CFR 1040.10 Class 1


    • Lifetime

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Note: Some Documentation may have Transition Networks named or pictured. Transition Networks was acquired by Lantronix in August 2021. Learn more about the acquisition here.

TN-QSFP-100G Series Part Numbers

TN-QSFP-100G-SR4 TN-QSFP-100G Series

QSFP28 100GBase-SR4, 850nm multimode (MPO) [100 m/328 ft. on OM4] [70 m/229 ft. on OM3] with DMI Link Budget: 2.3 dB

TN-QSFP-100G-LR4 TN-QSFP-100G Series

QSFP28 100GBase-LR4, 1295nm, 1300nm,1304nm, 1309nm, single mode (LC) [10 km/6.2 mi.] with DMI Link Budget: 6.3 dB

TN-QSFP-100G-CWDM4 TN-QSFP-100G Series

QSFP28 100GBase-LR4, 1295nm, 1300nm,1304nm, 1309nm, single mode (LC) [2 km/1.2 mi.] with DMI Link Budget: 6.3 dB

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*Lantronix’ QSFP28 modules fully comply with the Multi-Sourcing Agreement (MSA). This compliance allows our QSFP28 modules to be used in all other MSA compliant QSFP28 platforms. In addition, Lantronix QSFP28 modules are also Compliant with all Cisco QSFP28 based routers and switches, as well as Cisco’s IOS software. Lantronix QSFP28 modules ARE NOT Cisco OEM brand modules.