Live from Macworld: Timing is Everything.

Coming to you live from the Macworld/MacIT show floor!  Last night more than 700 members of the press flooded the dedicated media event…. And our team must’ve done a demo for every one of them.  Some twice! (read article)   The reaction across the board has been remarkably consistent — the first response is “wow, it’s that easy!?”. Followed by “this is something every business needs…how could they not want an iOS network printing solution?”.

Lantronix' Dean Lazzara provides live demo to Mac Observer

Lantronix’ Dean Lazzara provides live demo to Mac Observer

Lantronix' Dean Lazzara and Dave Wagstaff during MacIT

Lantronix’ Dean Lazzara and Dave Wagstaff during MacIT

Recent stories about Apple, Boston Scientific (read article) and GE (read article) echo this sentiment — they’re deploying iPads at breakneck speed, but are feeling the pain of how to manage it, and more importantly how to manage and satisfy their internal users’ needs, including printing.

Time will tell just how successful the xPrintServer will be.  But one thing is for sure – we’ve taken a leadership position in creating category awareness of iOS printing in the enterprise, highlighted the user pain, established ourselves as a market leader and evangelized an elegant solution.  Now comes the exciting part – leveraging marketing, sales and distribution to meet demand.

If Macworld, CES, and feedback from the field are any indication of what’s to come, we’ve got the right product, at the right time, for the right audience.

Timing is everything.