100% Chance of Clouds

Cloud Computing is very compelling and definitely here to stay.  It eliminates costly, upfront capital investments in hardware, expensive maintenance contracts, and in some cases (like Amazon’s elastic cloud EC2) the upfront costs of operating systems and applications.  As a company’s needs expand, virtual servers can be added and storage increased with a few keystrokes.  And you only pay for what you use, when you use it.

Cloud computing is not completely silver-lined.  The very nature of being in the cloud means these compute resources are outside trying to look in.  Without setting up elaborate VPN capabilities with its subsequent complexities, it is difficult to impossible for a cloud resource to reach in behind a firewall to get to a device and it’s goldmine of information.

Lantronix’ AccessMyDevice.com with its underlying VIP access technology brings this powerful capability to Cloud computing.  Hitherto (always wanted to use that word in a blog), most SaaS or Cloud applications are relegated to “don’t call me, I’ll call you” status.  Traditionally, a user behind a firewall has to bring up a remote desktop client or a browser and go to the cloud, login and proceed to work.  With AccessMyDevice, cloud applications, including SaaS apps can not only reach out and mine remote devices for information, this data can then be stored in Cloud-based databases where it can be further processed or kept for later retrieval.  The cloud computer can also control these ‘edge’ devices as if it were a server right on the premises.  All of our new products include VIP access technology and therefore can easily be part of this scenario.  As we continue to work with microprocessor and other device vendors to add this capability natively, it becomes very clear that Lantronix is extending the power of Cloud Computing to devices.