INDUSTRY: Retail & Digital Signage
Lantronix IoT Solution Enables Digital Retail Shelf Signage

Success Highlights

  • Facilitates the plug & play installation across multiple stores globally
  • Enables scalable cloud management across the store chain
  • Engages customers with simple-to-update interactive promotions and sales
  • Combines the benefits of online and in-person shopping
  • Enables capture of customer purchasing behaviors and analytics

Case Study Overview

Utilizing the Lantronix E210 Series Router (E214) with Lantronix IoT SIM Connectivity Services and Percepxion™ Cloud IoT Edge Solutions platform, HY-LINE Group developed its interactive point-of-sale Smart Shelf Display solution. Combining the best of online and in-person retail shopping, the Smart Shelf engages customers, captures buying behaviors and delivers analytics to generate increased sales and revenue growth.

Challenge: Implement Customer-Engagement “Smart Shelf” Across Store Chains

The retail industry is always looking for opportunities to create in-store engagement with customers and to gain insights into customer behavior and analytics. The Smart Shelf Displays solve those needs; however, it is challenging to connect the displays directly to the Cloud Management due to the integration effort, connectivity requirements and related costs.

“Utilizing Lantronix IoT and connectivity solutions, HY-LINE created a Smart Shelf retail solution that engages customers and captures buying behavior analytics.” – Frank Behrmann Senior Product Line Manager, IoT & Software HY-LINE Group

SOLUTION: Lantronix Routers, Connectivity Services and Percepxion Platform

Utilizing Lantronix products and services enabled HY-LINE to build connectivity into the Smart Shelf Solution, providing an easy way for retailers to deploy and manage Smart Shelves across their stores, regionally, nationally or globally. Since the Smart Shelf comes pre-configured with the interactive display and router, to get started, retailers just plug it into a power outlet and connect it to the network, which could be the store LAN or WLAN, wired WAN or the store independent direct cellular, including Lantronix IoT SIM Connectivity Services. From there, it automatically connects to the Cloud IoT management, where Percepxion provides chain-wide remote management of the connectivity.


Lantronix E210 Series Router (E214)

Lantronix E210 industrial-grade router is designed with high resiliency, Cellular Cat-M1, NBIoT or Cat1, WAN, LAN, Wi-Fi and serial connectivity, providing robust connectivity for faultless requirements. Pre-configured with Percepxion Cloud IoT Edge Solutions Platform, it provides an easy-to-use dashboard for life cycle management, application integration and analytics.

Lantronix Percepxion IoT Edge Solutions Platform

Lantronix Percepxion Cloud IoT Edge Solutions platform efficiently scales edge deployments from regional to global and is managed through an intuitive dashboard. It is pre-configured into Lantronix’s IoT gateways, routers, trackers and switches, enabling the user to remotely manage thousands of IoT connectivity devices from a single dashboard.

Lantronix Connectivity Services

Secure Global Connectivity Services Across 600 Networks in 185 Countries

With a single SIM card and global plan, Lantronix Connectivity Services provides site-to-site Virtual Private Network (VPN) security for connectivity across more than 600 networks in 185 countries worldwide.

RESULTS: Plug-and-Play Connectivity and Management

Utilizing Lantronix IoT solutions, HY-LINE was able to create an easy-to-deploy solution, providing a new shopping experience for customers while enabling retail chains to gain insights and analytics on purchasing behaviors.

“Since the Lantronix connectivity and management capabilities are pre-configured into the router inside the Smart Shelf, retailers can get the system up and running quickly and easily.” – Frank Behrmann Senior Product Line Manager, IoT & Software HY-LINE Group

Advantages of Lantronix connectivity solutions in the Smart Shelf:

  • Enables plug % play installation anywhere in the store without wiring or cabling
  • Delivers secure connectivity with network connection via LAN, WLAN or store-independent with cellular IoT SIM connectivity as an integrated data package
  • Enables “National Seamless Roaming,” which automatically selects the best connection across all available cellular networks
  • Captures data with sensors, delivering analytical insights on buying behaviors
  • Enables live updates for promotions or price changes
  • Provides remote management via the Percepxion IoT Edge Solutions Platform

About HY-LINE Group

Based in Germany, HY-LINE Group is a value-added distributor and provider of system solutions. In business for 35 years, its focus is to always deliver the best products to meet its customers’ challenges.

About Lantronix

Lantronix Inc. is a global provider of compute and connectivity IoT solutions that target high-growth industries. Its solutions empower companies to succeed in growing IoT markets by delivering customizable solutions that address each layer of the IoT Stack.