September 19, 2016

Keeping High-Speed Trains on Track with Embedded IoT Gateways


highs-speed-trainA systems integrator for high-speed trains was challenged to design a solution that enables wireless transmission of diagnostic and geolocation data for a busy train line to improve operations. With trains running continuously on diverse routes and carrying hundreds of passengers each hour, it is critical for engineers to be able to access information such as location, speed, and status to streamline their operations and ensure the safety of their passengers. A solution was needed to wirelessly transfer real-time data from the moving trains to the train station managers for immediate analysis and critical decision-making.

Complicating the challenge, the large number of cell phone users on board the trains makes a 5G Wi-Fi connection necessary to avoid signal interference. However, most Wi-Fi application solutions available do not meet these requirements.

Could Lantronix provide an easy to integrate, wireless networking solution that allows for the secure, robust transfer of data in real-time to ensure efficient operation of the trains?

Key Requirements:

  • Industrial temperature range
  • Ethernet to Wi-Fi with 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio
  • Reliable enterprise Wi-Fi connectivity for Ethernet devices
  • Connects to AP automatically after reboot
  • Enterprise grade security
  • Production ready software for mission critical operations


The Solution: Lantronix PremierWave 2050

The Lantronix PremierWave 2050 enterprise Wi-Fi embedded IoT gateway is an ideal solution for the systems integrator who needs easy to deploy Wi-Fi connectivity as well as support for a 5GHz connection. This level of connectivity allows for robust Wi-Fi connectivity even with a large number of cell phone users on board the train, proving the PremierWave 2050 is a reliable solution. With the Lantronix PremierWave 2050 embedded in the train’s main control system, data is seamlessly transferred  from the train to the station, giving the train station manager immediate access to real-time information.

By integrating the PremierWave 2050 into the system, train station managers and engineers can now accurately monitor and analyze important information such as location, speed, and status to make critical decisions on the spot.

Lantronix PremierWave 2050 Deployment Application: Secure Wireless Transmission of High-Speed Train Data



  • Rapid development – The PremierWave 2050 production-ready design enables the systems integrator to go to market much faster than building its own solution
  • The PremierWave 2050 solution facilitates improved train operations and ease of integration into the wireless network

About the Lantronix PremierWave 2050

Reliable, Industrial Grade 802.11ac Wi-Fi Connectivity

The PremierWave 2050 series of embedded IoT gateways are designed specifically for sensitive, mission critical, industrial and commercial applications. With a production-ready software stack and modular RF certification, the PremierWave 2050 simplifies deployments and accelerates availability of robust WLAN connected IoT products.

PremierWave 2050 Key Benefits:

  • Easy provisioning and network connectivity
  • Scalable deployment within existing enterprise Wi-Fi infrastructure
  • Production ready wireless software stack offering optimal wireless performance, signal reliability and extended range
  • Perfect for medical/healthcare, retail and industrial automation applications
  • Industrial grade design
  • 5-Year limited warranty

Learn More about the Lantronix PremierWave 2050

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