Open-Q™ RB Development Kit

Open-Q™ RB Development Kit

The Open-Q™ RB development kit is designed for rapid prototyping of new innovative products requiring advanced imaging and computer vision performance in low-cost and low-power embedded situations. It comprises separate hardware modules connected by high-speed and low-speed connectors. It is compliant with the 96Boards open hardware mezzanine expansion boards.

The development kit is compatible with the Open-Q™ 4210 and 2210 SIPs. Users can use the same development kit to evaluate or prototype with many SIP families from Lantronix.

NDAA Compliant

Open-Q™ RB Development Kit Overview

  • Key Features

    • The development kit provides hardware interfaces to evaluate camera, video, display on LCD and HDMI, and connectivity capabilities
    • Supports many robotic features
    • User can expand the kit with compatible boards from 96Boards
  • Applications/Markets

    • Intelligent surveillance camera, dash camera, body camera
    • Fleet management with video analytics
    • Warehouse and logistic robots
    • Rugged handheld computer
    • Interactive display boards
    • Drone
  • Engineering Services

    • We provide a full solution – our unparalleled engineering expertise and product development skills deliver innovative products that are cost-effective and can jumpstart your go-to-market timeline.

      Our business model offers turnkey product development services, or we can augment your team in specific areas of development. The choice is yours.

      Key development expertise in:

      • Camera development and tuning
      • Voice control
      • Machine learning
      • Mechanical & RF design
      • Thermal & power optimization
IoT product development made easy.

Open-Q™ RB Development Kit Tech Specs

The Development Kit is Compatible with the Following SIPs

• Open-Q™ 2210RB
• Open-Q™ 4210RB

Display Interfaces

1x MIPI DSI 4-lane

Camera Interfaces

2x 4-lane MIPI CSI
1x 1-lane MIPI CSI
1x 4-lane or 2-lane MIPI CSI
2x GMSL2 camera inputs

Audio Interfaces

4x Digital PMD mics
Speaker connectors

I/O Interfaces

3x Low-speed connectors, 96Boards
3x High-speed connectors, 96Boards
Either USB Type-C or, via an integrated USB hub, three USB 3.0 connections and 1000BASE-T Ethernet (up to 2 Type-A connectors on board; up to 2 USB interfaces routed to high-speed connectors)
3x infrared interfaces
CAN bus connector


Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities depend on the specific 2210RB/4210RB SIP installed
Antenna on interposer


SIP storage depends upon SIP installed
microSD card socket

Power Input

12 V

Form Factor

96Boards compliant

OS Support

Operating system software depend on the specific SIP purchased and installed
Demo BSP and OS

Open-Q™ RB Development Kit Downloads

Lantronix Part # Name Description Order Now
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Development Kit
Lantronix Part #
Fully Assembled Development Kit
  • Pre-assembled
  • QC-SIP-CONN-2210RB-A
  • Open-Q™ RB Main board
  • Open-Q™ RB Vision Kit with Nav Mezzanine Board, 13 MP IMX258 camera and 1 MP OV9282 tracking camera
  • TFT LCD, 4.99 inch, 720 x 1280
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Lantronix Part #
Fully Assembled Development Kit
  • Pre-assembled
  • QC-SIP-CONN-4210RB-C
  • Open-Q™ RB Main board
  • Open-Q™ RB Vision Kit with Nav Mezzanine Board, 13 MP IMX258 camera and 1 MP OV9282 tracking camera
  • TFT LCD, 4.99 inch, 720 x 1280
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