Mini Media Converters

Miniature (mini) media converters facilitate this cabling need with a simple conversion device that makes the connection between copper and fiber cabling. Beyond simplicity, mini media converters can be discreetly installed in areas where a small footprint is desired for space or aesthetic reasons. Mini media converters install easily and come with features that allow fast network turn up, including auto-negotiation, auto-MDI/MDIX, and active link pass through. In addition, these media converters feature automatic link restoration for fast network restoration. Overall, they are simple to install, requiring no special configuration or setting of dip-switches — just plug it in and walk away.

Lantronix’ Mini Media Converters are the ideal simple conversion solution. Our converters are available in enterprise and hardened temperature grades to provide the most flexibility in a small footprint. With our mini media converters, you can just set it and forget it. 

Filter Products

Switch Port Count
Switch Network Speed
Switch Environmental Grades
Power-over-Ethernet Switches
Switch Management
Physical Layer
Carrier Ethernet Switches
Switch Certifications
NIC Interface Equipment
NIC Databus
NIC Protocols
Power-over-Ethernet NIC
Media Converter Form Factor
Media Converter Protocols
Media Converter Type
Type of Conversion
Media Converter Environmental Grades
Management Module
Housing Type
Media Converter Chassis Number of Slots
Power-over-Ethernet Media Converters
Carrier Ethernet Switches
SFP Form Factors
SFP Data Rates
Optical Connector
Fiber / Cabling Type
SFP Compatibility
SFP Environmental Grades
SFP Wavelength
Accessory Type
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