“Local” Copies of MIB-2 system group variables

The MIB for the CPSMM100 Management Module contains mirrors of several of the variables in the MIB-2 “system” group.

If these “local” copies did not exist, you would only be able to monitor these aspects of a Standby Management Module by pointing your management application at it, and you would not be able to modify the contact, name, and location fields at all.

ParameterAssociated MIB variableDescription
Agent sysUptimecpsmm100SysUpTime(19)Time since last reboot
Agent sysContactcpsmm100SysContact(20)Free text – name and contact information for system adminstrator
Agent sysNamecpsmm100SysName(21)Free text – usually the DNS name of the agent
Agent sysLocationcpsmm100SysLocation(22)Free text – the physical location of the agent