November 17, 2021

Lantronix All-in-One Connectivity Solution Enables Remote Management of Retail Stores and Pop-up Sites

Real-time management and monitoring of distributed sites improve operational efficiency and increase uptime, helping stores grow revenues

IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 17, 2021 — Lantronix Inc. (NASDAQ: LTRX), a global provider of secure turnkey solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), provides an all-in-one connectivity solution that delivers real-time management and monitoring of distributed retail sites and pop-up stores, improving operational efficiency and increases uptime, helping stores grow revenues.

“Controlling the connectivity at small retail stores and pop-up sites can be daunting. With networks increasingly deploying IT infrastructure in remote locations and data is collected closer to its source, there’s a greater need to remotely monitor and manage the equipment from a central location,” said Jacques Issa, VP of Marketing at Lantronix Inc.

“Lantronix’s all-in-one solution provides a secure connection through a secondary interface that is physically separate from the primary network connection, enabling troubleshooting and remediation at the edge to be quickly addressed to avoid a catastrophic network failure,” he added.

According to Gartner’s 2020 Gartner Market Guide for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics, 50 percent of network operations teams will be required to rearchitect their network monitoring stack due to the impact of hybrid networking by 2024 (including edge and cloud monitoring). The report recommends that users future-proof their network monitoring solutions by investing in tools that provide the required level of visibility into hybrid environments including edge and cloud monitoring. Prospective buyers of monitoring tools must improve alignment between network and security operations by coordinating NPMD procurement decisions with security analytics.

Case Study: Global Remote Environment Management of Retail Stores and Pop-up Sites

Lantronix all-in-one connectivity solution, comprising Lantronix SLB, ConsoleFlow™ and Lantronix Connectivity Services (LCS), delivered a secure solution for global remote environment management of retail stores and pop-up sites, including hardware, software and cellular connectivity.

Challenge: Remotely Manage Distributed Sites to Ensure Uptime

Since most small retail stores and pop-up sites typically have no technical personnel on-site, there is no one to ensure that stores stay connected for important services, such as point-of-sale devices. When connectivity goes down, so do sales.

Challenges include:

  • Gain remote IT and connectivity management
  • Enable single-source management platform
  • Remotely troubleshoot to ensure uptime
  • Ensure secure access through encryption

Solution: Lantronix All-in-One Connectivity Solution

Secure Lantronix Branch (SLB) Office Manager is used where space is limited, budget is tight and there are no on-site IT personnel. It is a hybrid appliance combining a console manager and a PDU to quickly and securely provide remote real-time visibility and control over IT and IoT equipment at distributed sites.

Integrated with ConsoleFlow, Lantronix’s cloud-based management software platform, SLB gives users the ability to remotely manage and control all devices from a desktop or mobile app. ConsoleFlow enables users to view and manage globally distributed assets from a single pane of glass from virtually anywhere.

For sites without hard wiring, Lantronix Connectivity Services delivers reliable global cellular solutions that are deployed quickly and easily with a single SIM card and global plan that leverages more than 600 networks worldwide in 185 countries.

Capabilities include:

  • Ability to manage all sites from a single platform
  • Compatibility with LTE or dial-up models
  • Small equipment that fits neatly in data closets
  • Integrated power and serial interface
  • Remote diagnostics and repairs
  • Global cellular connectivity

Results: Increased Revenues at Small Retail and Pop-up Store Sites

The Lantronix solution delivers real-time monitoring and management of distributed retail sites and pop-up stores. Improving operational efficiency and increasing uptime helps stores grow revenues.

Benefits Include:

  • Integrated remote management solution
  • Instant access for troubleshooting
  • Remote support and management of uptime
  • No need for technical staff onsite
  • Reduced need for costly on-site service calls

“Secure, reliable connectivity is essential to keeping store point-of-sale devices live. With Lantronix’s solution, remote troubleshooting is fast, reducing downtime and costly, time-consuming service calls, resulting increased revenues,” said Fathi Hakam, VP of Engineering at Lantronix Inc.

Click here for the complete case study.

About Lantronix 

Lantronix Inc. is a global provider of secure turnkey solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Remote Environment Management (REM), offering Software as a Service (SaaS), connectivity services, engineering services and intelligent hardware.

Lantronix enables its customers to accelerate time to market and increase operational up-time and efficiency by providing reliable, secure and connected Intelligent Edge IoT and Remote Management Gateway solutions.

Lantronix’s products and services dramatically simplify the creation, development, deployment and management of IoT and IT projects across Robotics, Automotive, Wearables, Video Conferencing, Industrial, Medical, Logistics, Smart Cities, Security, Retail, Branch Office, Server Room, and Datacenter applications. For more information, visit the Lantronix website.

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