Wireless Module Approval

Creating a product with a wireless transmitter inside is challenging for a developer, even when using an unlicensed frequency band (for example 2.45GHz, 802.11b/g/n). The regulatory agencies (i.e. – FCC, IC) in the countries where the product is used often require certification and impose specific limitations on its use (maximum power, antenna type and gain, co-location with other transmitters, distance to human operator). If you are designing a product that will have a transmitter inside, you can save a lot of expense and time by looking for a module that has “module approval”. As long as you use the module within the grants of the regulatory agency and mark the outside of your product appropriately, you are good to go. Not all countries support this, but the world is slowly moving this direction.

Have you leveraged module approval with a Lantronix or other product?