Using Wi-Fi SoftAP for Network Setup and Gateway Provisioning


The Challenge

Wi-Fi is one of the most popular wireless technologies for connected products due to its reliability, high bandwidth, and ubiquity in the Internet of Things (IoT). But initial configuration for connecting to Wi-Fi networks can be challenging when products lack graphical user interfaces (GUI) or peripheral devices, such as a keyboard and mouse.

What is SoftAP?

SoftAP is an abbreviation for a software-enabled access point, which provides another wireless interface for connected products and is often used by manufacturers to let their customers set up and configure headless products through a smartphone or web browser. A SoftAP is created using the embedded Wi-Fi radio to establish a separate network name and password for direct communication with the connected product. The user then can provide the security credentials, which are sent to the product in order to connect to Wi-Fi network infrastructure. Read More…

Using Wi-Fi SoftAP for Network Setup and Gateway Provisioning

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