Security in the Age of IoT

Security in the Age of IoT

Why is Security in the Age of IoT Important?

In today’s digital world, the issue of security is something that is continually weighing on everyone’s mind especially with the exponential growth of connected devices thanks to the Internet of Things. Whether you’re an OEM in the healthcare industry, a systems integrator in the industrial space, or an end-user, staying one step ahead of hackers to secure your devices, data and business-critical assets is just not enough. This means war.

Hackers are becoming more agile plus the number of coordinated attacks are growing in volume and sophistication. 2017 saw a 91% increase in DDoS attacks alone thanks to IoT. But businesses everywhere cannot ignore the potential of implementing IoT solutions despite the growing attack surface. The increased yield and economic benefit of IoT are projected to add as much as $14.2 trillion to 20 of the world’s major economies over the next 15 years, according to the latest analysis from Accenture. Given the incredible benefits the Internet of Things will bring, stakeholders must devise a strategy for securing their IoT devices from deployment to decommissioning.

In this white paper, you will learn about IoT device security best practices and:

  • The challenges of securing IoT devices
  • The Multi-layered Approach to IoT device security
  • How to secure networks, connected devices, data and the entire lifecycle


Lantronix’s Commitment to Security

As a global leader in embedded technology solutions and IoT, Lantronix is dedicated to assisting our OEM customer base with securing their business-critical assets and ensuring compliance with stringent regulations such as Federal Information Protection Standard 140-2 (FIPS 140-2). For more information on Lantronix security updates, click here.