March 20, 2019


Optical Transceiver Market to Expand at Significant Growth Rate by 2023

It’s no doubt that the communication industry is growing quickly; the way we communicate, the volume in which we communicate, the type of information we communicate, and the timeliness of our communication- to name a few. Technical advancements are also driving change for communications. This growth in the communications industry is fostering higher demands on network infrastructure thereby creating more pressure (and opportunity) for network professionals.


SFP Devices are Small but Powerful and Offer a Big Bang for Your Network Buck$.

As we all know, small form-factor pluggable (SFP) devices transfer critical information over varying channels of communication and play a key role in transmitting and receiving information necessary for communication. As such, Market Research Future® (MRFR) predicts that the global optical transceiver market will rise to 8 billion in the US by 2023. Get Report Details.

Source: MRFR Analysis


As increases in internet data traffic, number of smartphones or other devices, and Internet of Things (IoT) continue to flourish, the need for optical transceivers will continue to grow as a tool to strengthen network infrastructure and performance.


What’s So Cool about SFPs?

Optical transceivers save space and reduce the need for additional transmitting and receiving devices because they transmit and receive information all in one device! Additionally, they are an economical, compact tool to enable networks to send information over larger distances, come in a variety of Ethernet speeds from Fast Ethernet to 100 Gigabit Ethernet, and offer great flexibility to grow your network while leveraging existing network devices and infrastructure. Many newer, high quality SFPs have Diagnostic Monitoring Interface (DMI), which automatically monitors SFP operations such as output and input power, temperature, and supply voltage in addition to providing multimode, single mode, and multi-rate SFP options for more flexibility.

Take for example our line of Cisco compatible SFPs. They are a cost-effective and flexible option to speed up your network maximizing current network infrastructure because they are Multi-Sourcing Agreement (MSA) compliant so they work with all other MSA compliant networking devices. Additionally, the SFPs accommodate multimode or single mode fiber types to scale transmission distance to meet your needs for today as well as the future. They include Fast Ethernet to 100G speeds and have DMI for increased intelligence.

We offer high quality, tested and certified SFPs with lifetime warranties for select products. Providing convenient Buy Now options for select Cisco compatible SFPs, we help take the work out of managing your network needs. Visit our Buy Now options.

Can’t get enough SFPs? Check out our other resources published by our experts or give us a call at 952.941.7600.

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