iPhones (and Lantronix) help deliver babies?

Yes www.airstriptech.com “has an app for that”.  Airstrip OB delivers the expectant mother’s vital signs to the doctor’s iPhone no matter where he or she is.  This really helps to alleviate anxiety when the doctor cannot be with the expectant parents.  According to Dr. Tomás Marimón, obstetrician/gynecologist affiliated with Kendall Regional Medical Center in Miami, […]

XPort Pro’s newest home: BlueWave Security

Our XPort Pro has been getting quite a bit of attention lately, recently winning EDN’s Innovation Award and now, finding a home in BlueWave Security. Lantronix has worked with BlueWave for several years on its IP-based security solutions. BlueWave has been in business for about five years, with a vision to change the landscape of […]

Integrating Transportation Systems in Los Angeles

The County of Los Angeles faced a problem that many large cities are facing – the traffic lights are not on one simple system, causing backups, frustration and inefficiencies. Lantronix suggested a cost-effective solution with the XPort embedded device server, which network-enabled traffic light controllers allowing remote management, diagnostics and control. Our approach saved the […]

How Do I Assign an IP Address to a Lantronix Product?

Since most of our customers are experts in something besides networking, our most common question is ‘how do we assign an IP address to a Lantronix product’? Of course DHCP (automatic assignment of the IP address and other parameters) is the easiest, but in some infrastructures a fixed IP is required. There are a number […]