XPort Pro’s newest home: BlueWave Security

Our XPort Pro has been getting quite a bit of attention lately, recently winning EDN’s Innovation Award and now, finding a home in BlueWave Security. World's smallest Linux networking computer

Lantronix has worked with BlueWave for several years on its IP-based security solutions. BlueWave has been in business for about five years, with a vision to change the landscape of device access controllers. These controllers were not initially created to be network devices, but BlueWave is seeking to change that.

We started the relationship by putting our XPort and WiPort modules into BlueWave’s single access control controller to add Ethernet and wireless connectivity. As BlueWave has grown, so has the market, and to maintain a competitive advantage, we started talking to the company about the future. BlueWave wanted to reduce development costs, speed time-to-market with its products and improve customer satisfaction. These factors play an important role in the development of BlueWave’s next-generation product line and ultimate corporate strategy.

Lantronix announced XPort Pro in November. Its small size and huge memory and processing power make it an ideal module for businesses like BlueWave, looking to add connectivity and remotely access equipment. XPort Pro was an ideal fit for BlueWave, as CEO and founder Mance Harmon noted, “Our next generation security product line will extend our competitive advantage, lower cost of ownership and improve ease of use for our customers. XPort Pro with VIP Access(TM) gives us future-proof networking capability and improved technical support and product management options by allowing us to securely access our security panels behind firewalls.”

Watch this space for more exciting product news form BlueWave and Lantronix!