ROI Calculator

There are many hidden costs involved in building smart, connected products. Lantronix offers everything you need to successfully develop and launch your connected product in months, not years, and at a much lower total cost.

The Lantronix solutions calculator tool is designed to let the user estimate the cost of internally developing their product's network connectivity.

The calculator comprises the development time and costs; the opportunity cost (missed revenue) ; and the ongoing maintenance and support associated with the development project.

1)  Input cells are shaded light blue.
2)  Calculation cells are locked, and are shaded white.
3)  Enter estimates into input cells for both "low" and "high" scenarios.
4)  White cells throughout the calculations table will automatically calcluate totals.
5)  The subtotals automatically roll up to the "Bottom Line" scenarios
6)  The calculator is currency-agnostic. Users can simply input their local currency (without currency symbols).

The Bottom Line

The real cost of internally developing your product's network connectivity



Development & Engineering Costs

Engineering costs associated with internal development

  • A) Estimated number of "man months"
  • - Development time in man months
    - Size of development team
    - Development in calendar months
  • B) Average monthly cost for enginneer
  • (fully burdened)
    Total Engineering Cost
  • C) Other costs
  • - Estimated certification costs
    - Other embedded software (eg. Security)
    - Development tools cost
    Total "Other" Cost
    Ongoing Support & Maintenance Costs

    Costs associated with annual development and sustaining of solution after launch

    Total Estimated ongoing costs
    Lost Revenue

    The "opportunity cost" of lost revenue due to product's delayed time-to-market

  • A) Estimated lost-revenue assumptions
  • - Expected annual revenues for end product
    - Avg time (months) to integrate Lantronix solution
    - Estimate time (months) to internally develop networking capabilities
    - Time saved (months) by using Lantronix
    Total Lost Revenue