June 06, 2016

Enabling Secure and Flexible Point-of-Sales Deployments in Retail Environments


A leading global OEM of point-of-sale (POS) terminals and receipt printers needed a way to help its retail merchant customers increase flexibility in the workplace and enhance customer satisfaction.


The OEM’s POS terminals and receipt printers were networked via a secure Ethernet connection to the back office transaction server. Once the transaction completed processing, the receipt printed for the customer. While this wired method was secure, it required networking cable drops which restricted mobility of the POS terminals and printers. Today, merchants like the ability to setup ‘sidewalk’ sales and the flexibility to move their POS terminals and printers around without the need for cumbersome and costly cables.

The OEM determined it needed to make the switch to a wireless network to help its merchant customers improve operations in the retail store. A solution was required to deliver the same security and reliability of their wired POS method.

While the OEM recognized that there were many options for incorporating wireless networking connectivity, the need for secure and reliable Wi-Fi was critical for POS devices handling sensitive financial transactions. Could Lantronix provide a secure, cost effective solution that would eliminate the need for costly re-certification of their POS solutions?

Key Requirements:

  • Capability to integrate into existing access points and accommodate enterprise level authentication
  • Ease-of-implementation and ease-of-integration with existing printers
  • Module must be small enough to fit current printer housing space
  • Highest levels of encryption and security to ensure data assets are protected over Wi-Fi utilizing EAP-TLS enterprise level security

The Solution:
Lantronix PremierWave 2050 Secure Embedded Wireless IoT

The Lantronix PremierWave® 2050 was an ideal solution for the customer, who needed to maintain the ability to use Ethernet or Wi-Fi for connectivity to the back office server. The OEM eliminated the need for a costly and lengthy do-it-yourself (DIY) deployment and at the same time achieved secure Enterprise grade Wi-Fi connectivity by incorporating the PremierWave 2050 into its existing PCB design.

Lantronix PremierWave 2050: Enabling Secure and Flexible POS Terminals



  • Rapid development – Lantronix PremierWave 2050 production-ready design enabled the OEM to go to market much faster than building its own solution
  • Customer maintained application compatibility with the Ethernet attached printer
  • The PremierWave® 2050 solution overall resulted in improved customer flexibility and ease of integration into the wireless network

About the Lantronix PremierWave 2050

Reliable, Industrial Grade 802.11ac Wi-Fi ConnectivityPremierWave 2050

The PremierWave 2050 series of embedded modules are designed specifically for sensitive, mission critical, industrial and commercial applications. With a production-ready software stack and modular RF certification, the PremierWave 2050 simplifies deployments and accelerates availability of robust WLAN connected IoT products.

PremierWave 2050 Key Benefits:

  • Easy provisioning and network connectivity for enterprise backend
  • Scalable deployment within existing enterprise Wi-Fi infrastructure
  • Production ready wireless software stack offering optimal wireless performance, signal reliability and extended range
  • Perfect for Medical/Healthcare, Retail and Industrial Automation applications
  • Industrial grade design
  • 5-Year limited warranty


Learn More about the PremierWave 2050 

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