Rapid Prototyping


Lantronix provides rapid prototyping services to help our clients explore and realize concepts in a quick and cost-effective manner.  Rapid prototyping takes ideas, images and concepts from an idea or two-dimensional visual into hands-on products that clients, colleagues and collaborators, as well as potential investors, can hold in their hands and see in action.

Lantronix has a multi-discipline team of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers that can accelerate the design of consumer and industrial IoT devices.  Our integrated team can quickly develop peripheral boards compatible with the Company’s proprietary edge computing modules or complete functional product prototypes to your specifications.

Lantronix rapid prototyping services allow you to reiterate designs and incorporate changes that allow for improved evaluation and functional testing of the product. This iterative process provides a roadmap to developing and refining the final product before taking it to the market, ensuring that your design is optimized and foolproof.  Being able to minimize design flaws with a small-volume rapid prototype run also helps eliminate costly design flaws that might not be evident during an early assessment.

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