Camera Development

Lantronix has strong system expertise in camera embedded and IoT devices. Lantronix has especially strong expertise and experience developing camera solutions across a wide-range of processor technologies including devices from Qualcomm & NXP. 

Devices developed by Lantronix include :
  • – 360° Consumer Cameras
  • – Security Cameras, including thermal capabilities
  • – Advanced Prosumer Digital Camera (37.4MP)
  • – Wearable Cameras for Public Safety
  • – Stereoscopic Cameras for Retail Analytics
  • – Cameras for Sleep Monitoring and Analytics
  • – Other cameras integrated into robotics, consumer wearables, and a variety of other consumer and industrial
Services performed by Lantronix include :
  • – Camera driver development for RAW, Bayer, YUV sensors from multiple camera sensor vendors
  • – Custom FPGA and ToF Sensors
  • – Single and Dual (Stereoscopic) Cameras
  • – HDR feature enablement and support
  • – Stitching/EIS feature enablement and support
  • – Advanced Tuning performed at Lantronix’s North America or Asia Camera Labs
Camera Tuning Services :
  • – Sensor characterization for major sensor parameters affecting imaging quality
  • – Lens and color shading compensation
  • – Auto exposure, auto focus, and auto white balance tuning
  • – Sensor tuning for high-performance and quality


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