Audio Development

Lantronix has superior expertise in audio technology and tuning gained through the development of scores of products with advanced audio capabilities. Many of Lantronix’s computing solutions leverage Qualcomm’s high end SoC’s, including Hexagon DSP-based processing and audio codec chipsets, offering flexible and powerful audio input and output. Lantronix is an expert in utilization of a variety of audio tools to configure and tune audio settings for optimal functionality and performance.

Products Developed by Lantronix Include :
  • – Voice-Controlled TV Remote for leading cable TV company
  • – Elderly Companion Robot – CES 2018 Best of Innovation Winner
  • – Smart Home Hub Reference Design – Qualcomm and Global Consumer OEMs
  • – Smart Speaker Reference Design – Qualcomm and Global Consumer OEMs
  • – Smart Headphones for innovative startup
  • – Numerous other mobile and consumer devices
Audio Services Performed by Lantronix:
  • – Basic Software Audio Bring up and Functionality
  • – Speaker, Microphone, Headset
  • – Adaptive Input Gain (AIG)
  • – Dynamic Range Control (DRC)
  • – Feedback Speaker Protection (FBSP)
  • – Multi-button Headset Control (MBHC)
Fluence Noise Cancellation:
  • – Far-End Noise Suppression (FENS)
  • – Wind Noise Reduction (WNR)
  • – Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation (AANC)
  • – Multi-mic ECNS
  • – Surround Sound Recording (SSR)
Snapdragon Voice+ (SV+)
  • – Dual-mic Echo Cancellation Noise Suppression (ECNS)
  • – Single-mic Enhanced Echo Cancellation (EEC)
  • – Automatic Volume Control (AVC)
  • – Volume Boost
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