IONMM: Resource Update

Posted in : Resource Updates

Product: IONMM

Reason for Update: Resource Update

Description: Revise IONMM Application Code from 1.3.14 to 1.3.15. Revise User Guide 33457 from Rev H to I.

Explanation of Update: Added support for DMI Vendor Specific Information, web and CLI. Added 9/125u Single Mode Fiber (km) media length. Added a 15 minute web login timeout. Fixed system ObjectID to show Transition Networks’ OID. Fixed SNMP trap notification.

  • Added support for an automatic web log-in timeout. After 15 minutes of inactivity, the user will automatically be logged out of the web based management session.
  • Includes support for a new feature added to the C4110-4848 converter, which displays SFP vendor specific information in the DMI statistics area of the management interface.