Find My xPrintServer

Enter your Serial Number into this form and it will redirect you to your xPrintServer.

Finding the xPrintServer IP Address and Initial Login

Use these directions to find the IP address of a new xPrintServer device.

  1. Enter the serial number found on the product information label attached to your xPrintServer packaging. It is an alphanumeric set of 12 characters.
  2. Enter only one serial number and click GO.
  3. You will be redirected to that xPrintServers’ Admin login window.
  4. Enter the default administrator login information: Username = admin, Password = PASS.
    NOTE: If you have changed the admin password, you will need to use that password instead.
  5. You will be logged into the xPrintServer user interface when you see System Status information on the Admin Home page. This is where you will find your IP address along with other important system status information.
  6. Repeat this process for each xPrintServer.

Note: Upon initial login, the Admin should modify the default password as soon as possible for security reasons. See Changing Passwords in the User Guide.

Should the above fail to find the xPrintServer:

Here are a few helpful hints to look into if the above serial number look up for "Find My xPrintserver" did not redirect you to the xPrintServer's web manager.

If you require additional assistance please contact technical support: Contact Us