We can connect anything to the Internet. Even your cat.

According to top business technology blog Mashable, Sony Computer Science Laboratories (CSL) has developed the latest ‘crave’ in liveblogging devices: One for your favorite furry four-legged animal. Yes, now your cat can send live messages to the world using Twitter: https://mashable.com/2010/06/01/cats-tweet-with-liveblogging-device/

While you may think the idea is absurd, it does have relevance. Today’s technology can connect almost anything to the Web. You might have read about the bicycle, mattress and washing machine people have networked in the past year, because the owners of these items have been written about in the press.  Being at the core of network connectivity we follow these innovations closely.  What’s next?

We’ve discussed the concept of network connectivity on this blog. We’ll focus on the topic this month, discussing our thoughts on the latest innovations in enabling technologies. We’ll highlight ways our network connectivity solutions are helping our customers achieve their business goals.

Tell us what you would like to learn about this month – and what would make your life better if it was networked.