Time is Money: How to Quickly and Cost-Effectively Deploy an Outdoor Network

Outdoor Cabinet & Switch SolutionAt Transition Networks, we are always looking for ways to make your life easier and save you money in the long term. You’re probably already aware of many of our solutions that are simple to install and easy to use, such as Transition Networks PoE/PoE+/PoE++ switches with integrated Device Management Software (DMS).  One of our newest solutions came from hearing similar comments from customers looking to simplify and speed up outdoor network deployments: They frequently had to order too many individual components from numerous suppliers and hoped everything arrived in time. Then, after waiting for the items to trickle in, they paid separate shipping fees for each item and hoped they were all compatible once they started assembling or installing them. That’s not a good solution when you need a new outdoor network fast, and that’s why we’ve taken simplicity to another level by creating bundled cabinet solutions. These quick and convenient kits simplify rapid deployment of networks in outdoor locations. The Outdoor Cabinet Assembly (OCA) Bundle can save you valuable time in searching, selecting and procuring essential items for security and surveillance, intelligent traffic, and many other temporary or permanent network installations such as:

  • Emergency medical/police/fire departments
  • Sporting events/concerts/fairs
  • Cities/counties/municipalities
  • Pedestrian/vehicle safety
  • Other public or private areas

Here’s how this solution can make your life easier.  First, the Outdoor Cabinet Assembly Bundle Series offers one ordering number for our outdoor-rated cabinet combined with some of our most popular PoE switches, power supplies, and accessories. That means you save time researching and placing orders for various components from multiple vendors. The whole kit is conveniently ordered and shipped as a single part number consolidated in one box, simplifying your inventory management.

Once on the job site, the OCA Bundle Series also simplifies installation. The polycarbonate cabinet is high impact resistant to keep contents protected, and it is lightweight for easy handling. The hinged door opens to 225° or can be easily removed, providing quick and easy access during installation and maintenance. The cabinet also includes a magnetic door contact switch which can be wired to digital input/outputs on Transition Networks switches or our optional Enclosure Door Contact Alarm to provide immediate notifications if/when the enclosure door has been opened. Our cabinet is deeper than most and includes fiber management to protect optical cable bend radius and prevent downtime due to broken or pulled fibers. Two DIN rails are mounted in the cabinet with a ground terminal block on each rail to protect against lightning or other surges in power to the enclosure. AC mains and low-voltage DC terminal blocks are also pre-mounted on the rails to save additional time during installation. There are plenty of entry ports included with cord grips pre-installed for routing power wires and data cables, with hole plugs to cover unused ports. Finally, the cabinet is equipped with a vent plug to prevent condensation inside the cabinet and keep equipment operating.

You know the old expression, “Time is money.” Our Outdoor Cabinet Assembly Bundles can help save you both! Skip the headaches of multi-sourcing and speed up deployment of your outdoor network with bundled cabinet components, switches, and power supplies from Transition Networks.

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