The ‘Remote Access’ Market

In the beginning, PCs were used to draft documents, handle applications and of course, entertain the user. As the technology evolved and became more complex, so did the troubleshooting and diagnostics of these machines. Your choices were either to unplug everything connected and bring it to your local repair store or have the ease but added expense of having a technician travel to your location and start the on-site diagnostic process. Now, the market for remote desktop solutions has made it easier and more efficient to troubleshoot PCs.

This market has evolved even further to include secure connectivity to machines, which can mean new business models and revenue streams for companies. The technology has evolved and matured to a much larger market of machines, devices and equipment, beyond just a PC. Vertical industries, like medical, security, energy and industrial are able to implement strategies for this technology, to better support customers and employees, and expand their go-to-market models. It’s a booming industry, with proof and demand seen with LogMeIn’s 2009 IPO.

Another example is Ncell Systems. The company is using remote access tools to offer a service to its customers. Ncell can proactively watch what is going on at customer locations and quickly troubleshoot issues, connecting to multiple devices at once. This new ‘service’ offered by Ncell will better serve customers and empowers Ncell to boost its own product offerings.

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