The Best Console Manager Gets a New Superpower!

Lantronix SLC 8000 console manager with performance monitoring capabilities with Cisco IP SLA technology

The world’s most advanced and modular console manager, the Lantronix SLC 8000, is now equipped with new performance monitoring capabilities that allow IT managers to monitor, report on and optimize end-to-end network performance using Cisco IP SLA technology.

Whether your IT infrastructure is deployed in the financial sector or used by government entities, the dependence on IT networks is exponentially increasing for both internal and external communication. Especially in today’s digital age, network bandwidth consumption is on the rise,  and users expect consistent access to their devices and data as expressed in their service level agreements (SLAs). Hence, why Lantronix, an innovator in Out of Band Management (OOBM) products is enhancing its SLC 8000 product line with IP SLA technology.

What is IP SLA?

IP SLA is a technology embedded in the Cisco IOS that actively monitors and reports on network performance in real time. Rather than using traditional network management protocols like SNMP, IP SLA sends synthetic traffic to target devices and measures results based on performance as opposed to individually pinging responder devices.

Measuring traffic performance instead of relying on individual device data provides IT personnel with more granular diagnostics because metrics are derived from actual network events. Network engineers typically use IP SLA-based solutions to investigate root causes of network performance issues reported by users.

In response to customer demands, real-time network performance monitoring using IP SLA protocol is now supported on Lantronix SLC 8000 console managers.  For  a free evaluation of SLC 8000, please complete the form below.

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