New Lantronix Open-Q™ 865XR SOM Jumpstarts Product Development for So Much More Than Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Applications

Open-Q 865XR SOM enables product development beyond Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Applications!


Open-Q™ 865 Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality

Lantronix’s newly launched Open-Q 865XR SOM and compatible Development Kit deliver powerful System on Module (SOM) capabilities that help developers quickly and affordably jump-start development, create prototypes and get products to market quicker.

Beyond Augmented Reality /Virtual Reality applications, the new Open-Q 865XR SOM is not your daddy’s SOM. It’s built to expand Internet of Things (IoT) development into Intelligent Edge Computing products in a variety of industries.

In fact, according to a September 2020 research report by The Research Process, the application areas of embedded computing have expanded well beyond PCs and into industries such as energy, automotive and healthcare, with robotics in particular driving the SOM marketplace.

Advanced robotics require compact and highly powerful embedded systems. As well, the need for minimization of errors and improving of productivity and efficiency are driving the demand for robotic systems with accurate computing and scalable architectures. Lantronix’s SOMs give robotics manufacturers the design flexibility, sustainability, security, small format and power management required in harsh industrial environments in addition to Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality capabilities.

A Long and Productive Relationship with Qualcomm

Lantronix’s first SOM was based on the Qualcomm® APQ8060A in 2012. Since then, Lantronix has given developers the ability to leverage the power of Qualcomm’s powerful, secure and efficient System on Chips (SoC). Lantronix’s SOCs and SOMs have been incorporated into numerous products showcasing intelligent edge solutions, including drones, robots, videoconferencing products, medical devices, digital signage, multimedia products and many other device categories.

Building upon the strength of Lantronix’s 800-series SOMs, its new Open-Q 865XR SOM uses Qualcomm® Technologies’ heterogenous compute SOC built on 7nm technology, including:

  • Kryo™ 585 Octa-core 64-bit CPU: 1 Kryo Gold prime @ 2.84 GHZ + 3 Kryo Gold @ 2.42 GHz + 4 Kryo Silver @ 1.81 GHz
  • 5th generation AI engine (NPU230) — twice the performance of the previous generation with up to 15 TOPS
  • Dual Qualcomm® Spectra 480 ISP — supporting up to 64MP cameras
  • Qualcomm® Adreno 650 GPU — 5th generation UHD video processing with power efficiency
  • Qualcomm® Hexagon 698 DSP — vision processing and machine learning
  • Adreno 665 VPU — high-quality, ultra HD video encode and decode.
  • Secure processing unit (SPU240) – enabling advance security use cases

Even with its ultra-compact size (50mm x 29mm), the Open-Q 865XR SOM provides a powerful and advanced set of processing capabilities, wireless and wired connectivity features and I/O, including:

  • 6GB LPDDR5 RAM + 64GB UFS 3.1 Flash
  • 3x MIPI CSI camera ports
  • 2x MIPI DSI display ports and touch I2C
  • 1x 2-lane PCIe Gen3 interface
  • USB Type-C with DisplayPort v1.4
  • USB SuperSpeed Type-A
  • Wi-Fi 6: 802.11ax 2×2 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi / BT 5.1
  • Supports WCD938x audio codec and WSA881x speaker amp
  • 4-bit SD 3.0, UART, I2C, I3c, SPI, configurable GPIOs, Sensor Core IO
  • Power Management including low power suspend, battery management and charging support

Built for So Much More Than Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Applications

The Open-Q 865XR SOM is not only well-suited for Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality applications, it’s fully capable of driving development for a larger set of Intelligent Edge-connected product categories, including:

  • Robotics and drone products
  • Medical devices
  • Gaming products
  • Advanced video conference systems
  • Professional grade cameras
  • AI and machine vision platforms
  • Advanced high-resolution multi-display systems.
  • Smart-Cities and Smart-Home applications
  • Retail products such as Point of Sale terminals

Android 10 Default Makes Jump Starting Development Faster and Easier

To make jump starting product development faster and easier, the Open-Q 865XR SOM Development Kit ships with Android™ 10 by default. Android 10 provides a ubiquitous, high-level operating system with a strong ecosystem of development tools and highly integrated accelerator libraries to leverage the power and performance efficiencies afforded by the SoC. Being a premium-tier and leading-edge SOM, the Open-Q 865X SOM includes many advanced and critical technology capabilities that can be leveraged, including security and power efficiency.

Expanded Security Features for IoT Product Design

The new Open-Q 865XR SOM leverages all those capabilities for best-in-class security features and builds in the new SPU240 core with support for Secure Boot 3.0, key provisioning, TrustZone, Qualcomm Trusted Execution Environment v5, hardware-backed KeyStore and other capabilities. The hardware-based security features allow for use of secure boot chain, secure peripherals, DRM, in-line crypto engine and file-based encryption among the many security related options for IoT products.

Exceptional Power Efficiency, Especially for Battery-Powered Portable IoT Products

Power efficiency is key, particularly with battery-powered portable IoT products. Just as Lantronix’s past SOMs have a rich history of power-efficient operation, the new Open-Q 865XR SOM is no exception. With the new 7nm processing node, Qualcomm’s SoC affords excellent power efficiency in its operation. Coupled with the ability to enter low-power retention modes, the heterogenous nature of its cores, the platform allows for a dynamic set of power-efficient modes. Availability and use of a sensor core and low-power island allows for independent operation of the power-efficient Hexagon DSP for processing sensor data while higher power subsystems can remain in low-power suspend at the same time, waking up only when needed.

Support for Complex Camera-Use Cases for Advanced Edge-Processing Products

The Open-Q 865XR SOM leverages the Qualcomm SoC’s advanced ISP to support a multitude of complex camera use-cases, including multiple concurrent cameras, advanced image processing and enhancement, and the possibility for computer vision and neural network processing.

Together with the wide range of high-speed I/O options, these features make the Open-Q 865XR SOM an ideal engine for the most advanced edge-processing products. With the SOM market anticipated to be worth more than $3.5 billion by 2025, diversification and quick-start development solutions are crucial, and Lantronix is ready.


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