Lantronix and Renesas: A Highly Secure Relationship!

As a global company with a promise to connect anything to the Internet, no matter where in the world you are, it’s important for us to evangelize the relationships we have with customers all over the world.

Renesas Technology Corp., based in Tokyo, Japan, has been working with us to provide our VIP Access technology running on their 32-bit SuperH processors. The SuperH Family is widely used in industrial and operational devices and the need to remotely provide maintenance for these devices is extremely high. Who wouldn’t want to troubleshoot issues via a secure network when the alternative is trucking all the way to a site to do it in person?

Renesas’ customers are already seeing the benefit of the partnership, as highly secure, easy-to-use, remote access and management of equipment behind firewalls provides both technical and business benefits. These include reduced costs, reduced downtime of personnel and devices, and increased safety and security on data transferred between machines.

Nissin Systems in Japan is our distribution partner and we’re extremely excited to see the success of our ManageLinx and VIP Access technology worldwide, and look forward to continuing our work with both partners.