Jumpstart Your Embedded Product Design with Lantronix IoT Support for Microsoft Azure

By Zeenath Venkata

Hastened by the global pandemic, Internet of Things (IoT) cloud computing has become the new normal. As a result, enterprise adoption of Microsoft Azure is exploding. According to Microsoft’s 2020 Annual Report, 95 percent of the world’s Fortune 500 rely on Azure to stay up and running to support critical workloads.

According to Microsoft, as reported in Forbes.com, there are now more than 1,000 global enterprises — about 63 percent of all enterprises worldwide — using Microsoft Azure to simplify hybrid management and run Azure services across sites on-premises, multi-cloud and at the edge.

The stellar growth of Microsoft Azure is projected to continue with 61 percent of enterprises expecting to increase their investments in Microsoft Azure, according to the Flexera 2021 State of Tech Report.

Jumpstart Your Embedded Product Design with Lantronix IoT Support

Lantronix’s xPico 250 Series embedded IoT gateway and its accompanying xPico 200 Series Software Development Kit (SDK) deliver a game changer for companies designing embedded products for the IoT bandwagon. When integrated with Microsoft Azure, xPico 250, along with the SDK, makes it simpler for enterprises to get started with IoT implementations through pre-configured solutions that derive business value.

Lantronix’s solution gives enterprises a jumpstart to end-to-end IoT implementation by orchestrating the required Azure services. Specifically, the SDK enables integration with Microsoft IoT Hub, Event Hub, Notifications Hubs, Web apps and Logic apps to form pre-configured solutions.

Transform Every Facet On-Premises, in a Hosted or Private Cloud or Hybrid Combo

Supporting a wide variety of operating systems and devices, the SDK enables quick interconnection of assets and facilitates analysis and visualization of huge quantities of data to support real-time and predictive analytics. It easily integrates existing devices and services and is extensible with programming languages that developers already know, integrating seamlessly with the back-end platforms that are already deployed. The solution can run on-premises, in a hosted or private cloud or a hybrid cloud/on-premises combination, delivering the Internet of Your Things. 

Extend the Power of IoT to the Very Edge of the Network

With the recent enhancement of Lantronix’s SDK, users can extend the power of IoT and advanced analytics beyond data centers in the Microsoft Azure cloud to the very edge of the network where many assets and devices are connected.

The modular architecture of the SDK enables developers to string together individual pieces of logic, creating solutions that transform data at the edge of the network. Whether through encryption, filtering, annotation or performing custom analytics, data is processed close to the devices that create it, so only truly necessary pieces are sent to the cloud for further processing.

IoT for Every Industry, Including Critical Businesses Such as Oil and Gas, Retail and Smart Cities

Especially critical in industries such as oil and gas, retail and smart cities, Lantronix’s xPico 250 gives companies the ability to run real-time computations in the field, often in disparate geographic locations.

In some cases, devices at the network’s edge may not have sufficient bandwidth to leverage data analysis in the cloud, which is why it’s important to use edge computing capabilities on gateways to run analytics on-premises.

A Complete IoT Ecosystem That Delivers Greater Flexibility

Creating a complete IoT ecosystem with the extension of Microsoft Azure using Lantronix’s xPico IoT Gateway SDK, Lantronix’s solution delivers even greater flexibility for the design and deployment of the Internet of Things. 

Real-Time Management With Intelligent, Predictive Analytics

With IoT assets connected using Lantronix’s xPico IoT gateway, enterprises capture vast troves of real-time data to track assets, products and day-to-day operations. Such insights can further assist in remote asset monitoring, real-time supply chain visibility, security and fraud detection, which can translate to improved operations and increased revenues.

These IoT solutions are built around the real-time data, using machine learning techniques and further help enterprises in enabling intelligent business operations and predictive analytics.

With Lantronix’s support, enterprises have a smooth path to the many benefits offered by Microsoft Azure in a variety of settings and situations, enabling them to take full advantage of the Internet of Things.

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