iPad Spurs Innovation in Remote Wireless Access

There has been a lot of fanfare around the iPad launch and you can’t help but be amazed by the advances made in the past few years in products with wireless connectivity. I had a chance to play with an iPad and it is an impressive piece of equipment. It was only a few years ago when Apple launched its iPhone, which consumers are now using to remote control a multitude of other devices. One article in Business Insider profiled 25 things you can remote control, including household appliances, computers, security systems and entertainment equipment. We are excited about this increasingly ‘connected’ world, as we see a host of new opportunities for our technology.

As mentioned in a recent M2M article, “Connected devices are reaching into markets far beyond the industry verticals where they first found fertile ground. A number of factors influence this growing demand, including a steady upward trend in Internet usage, particularly among the primary wage-earning Baby Boomer segment.”

However, this presents new challenges to managers that need to ensure they provide secure access to confidential data for people who are increasingly mobile and outside the corporate network.

Wireless access offers a lot of benefits and flexibility to organizations, but businesses must weigh the pros and cons. Companies must ensure they address the new security and management concerns that come with wireless access.

The world in which consumers can connect and access virtually any device over the network is upon us!  What will be next?