Can you connect your…car?

The recent announcement that GM and Google are linking to create services for the new plug-in Chevy Volt, along with Ford’s choice of Microsoft’s Hohm tool for its electric vehicles, are bold showings that the auto industry recognizes the power of the Internet. And Research in Motion’s recent acquisition of QNX, which provides some of the technology for GM’s OnStar, indicates future integration of smartphones with in-vehicle audio and infotainment systems.

Thousands of companies are working on hardware and software for connecting vehicles to the Internet, to manage energy, improve communications and enhance the overall experience. GigaOm Pro even issued a report, “IT Opportunities in Electric Vehicle Management,” exploring the opportunities for IT companies to solve a variety of challenges for utilities, automakers, consumers and others in the Electric Vehicle (EV) ecosystem.

Keeping EVs in the pole position will require an infrastructure sophisticated enough to monitor, analyze and control vehicle charging, among other tasks. Whether you’re in the car or Internet business, or just a buyer, it’s a good bet this rapid automobile technology evolution will play a role in your family sooner than later.

The list of uses for networking in the automotive / telemetry space is long and we are working on a number of applications to wirelessly communicate vehicle diagnostic data captured video from buses and commercial vehicles, even download entertainment media while your car sits in the driveway.