Bringing Moxie to Life

How Lantronix Supported the Development of a Children’s Companion Robot

Created by Embodied Inc., an industry-leading robotics and artificial intelligence company, Moxie is a revolutionary new companion robot for children. Moxie was designed to promote development of social, emotional and cognitive development through play-based learning. To make Moxie safe for at-home use by children, Moxie’s designers turned to Lantronix Engineering Services.

Challenge: Create a Secure AI-Based Robot for Children
Privacy and security are key considerations in robotics, especially those designed for use by children. Lantronix engineers were challenged to help develop a secure operating system with advanced privacy, security and camera technologies to ensure that Moxie would be safe for use by children.

Solution: Lantronix Engineering Services

The Lantronix engineering team helped deliver the most appropriate options for privacy and security to facilitate features, including secure over-the-air operating system updates and secure boot. As well, they worked with Moxie’s team to implement advanced camera technology that enables Moxie to interact while adaptively adjusting to scene changes, such as dim lighting conditions.

Results: Secure Robot Helps Children Develop Meaningful Skills

With the support of Lantronix’s Engineering Services, the Embodied team created Moxie, the first-ever animate companion robot for children.

Pull quotes:

“Lantronix’s solutions contributed greatly to giving Moxie the security, privacy and interactivity features needed for in-home use by children.”

– Paolo Pirjanian, CEO and Founder, Embodied

“Exceptional camera technologies supplied by Lantronix ensure that Moxie can interact in a variety of environments, including dimly lit rooms.”

– Paolo Pirjanian, CEO and Founder, Embodied

Success Highlights:

  • Contributed to creation of Moxie, a companion robot for children
  • Delivered exceptional privacy, security and camera technologies
  • Helped support creation of a market-ready prototype
  • Provided services that helped contain development costs
  • Helped facilitate Moxie’s quick entry to market

Sidebar: Moxie’s Security & Privacy Features

  • Secure Boot, ensuring that the only initial software that can be run on the device is authorized, safeguarding a secure boot sequence/chain.
  • Android™ Verified Boot, verifying that the Android kernel and filesystems are authenticated cryptographically
  • Secure external interfaces, ensuring no ports are susceptible to backdoor intrusion
  • Secure device software updates, enabling application of security patches and future features

Sidebar: Moxie’s Advanced Camera Features

  • Auto-exposure library that provides the ability to adaptively adjust to scene changes with varied lighting environments, particularly in dim lighting conditions

Awards: Best Inventions of 2020 by TIME magazine! Click HERE to read about the success story!


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