“Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants, so long as it is black”

OK, so maybe Henry Ford wasn’t necessarily being customer-centric at the time of this quote, but he was a true pioneer and visionary when it came to providing products (mass produced, cost-effective automobiles) designed to solve the needs (mobility) of the end-user customer (the “masses”).

At Lantronix, one of our guiding principles is to always ask “how does this impact the customer?” We start with the end goal in mind, and work backwards to deliver it. This means it’s not about the specific products or technology platforms or industry standards – it’s about the value our solutions provide. Sometimes, even our customers surprise us!

Nowhere is this more apparent than with our latest customer, Perinata.  Most new ventures have to leverage their limited resources to secure a foothold locally, then expand geographically over time. With ManageLinx behind the scenes, Perinata was able to quickly and inexpensively launch an entirely new IT services business model, providing for the monitoring, managing and controlling of remote devices via an Internet browser. This accelerated Perinata’s go-to-market plan by lowering its initial investment costs and providing immediate global reach and access. The result? A groundbreaking remote services and support model driven by a simple pay-as-you-go subscription service.

Whether it’s a new customer like Perinata, or the hundreds of innovative submissions we’re receiving for our Xport Pro Design Contest, one thing is certain – it’s the CUSTOMER that ultimately guides our product development, market direction and vision. One company at a time, we hope to bring connectivity to business-critical information anytime, anywhere. We’ll even let you have it in a color other than black!