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Software & Utilities

Lantronix has created a powerful suite of computer and device networking software and utilities to make real-time remote management of equipment over the Internet easier and more secure than ever before possible.


  • Python Development
    PythonLantronix Python runtime support is a firmware update for the Lantronix IoT Gateway node Software Platform for intelligent devices that enables developers using the Python programming language to create scalable and secure M2M applications.

Software Development Kits

Device Networking Utilities

  • DeviceInstaller™
    This Windows-based application simplifies the installation and configuration of CoBox and UDS device servers. (Note: The DST and APS Configuration Utilities are now part of DeviceInstaller.)
  • Secure Com Port Redirector™
    Extend the functionality of COM port-based Windows® applications. Virtual COM ports can be mapped to Lantronix device servers and encrypted at both ends of the communication. Transport sensitive information to and from remote device servers over the Internet with the highest level of security.
  • Com Port Redirector™
    Enables PC applications to communicate with networked devices by redirecting local PC COM port communications to the COM port of a remote networked device.
  • RTEL
    A software utility that brings powerful network printing capabilities to Linux and other Unix environments

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