xPico Wi-Fi @ Embedded World: Making IoT a Reality!

Embedded World Booth panoramic

Two years ago, Lantronix launched the first in the xPico product family at Embedded World, introducing the market to the most flexible, mobile ready Wi-Fi solution for IoT and M2M applications — all in an incredibly tiny footprint.

Lantronix xPico Wi-Fi compact form factor

Couple that with a greatly increased brand presence and pre/post show marketing, and customers and competitors alike are commenting that Lantronix is back, in a big way.

Flash forward two years and the xPico Wi-Fi is driving end-user applications and is in-market, helping make IoT a reality.

Today, in real time, we’re blogging from the show floor — and the excitement around xPico Wi-Fi, PremierWave and Lantronix in general is palpable. Visitors, partners, customers and the media have been able to watch the progression from idea to real world application.

The ZANO drone (powered by xPico Wi-Fi, and co-marketed by Lantronix) showcases our technology solutions in a finished product that has relevance across dozens of industries and government — from serious business applications to just plain cool consumer products. Speaking of cool, the ZANO drone is facing tough competition from the PremierWave-powered robot (could there be a “Lantronix robot wars” in the making?)

Demo of Torguing’s Zano Drone using Lantronix xPico Wi-Fi module  Demo of robot using Lantronix Premierwave EN Wi-Fi module

With thousands of design engineers milling about, we’ve been going a little deeper with demonstrations of how customers can rapidly provision (on the factory floor), integrate with the cloud and handheld devices, and deploy into market.

xPico Wi-Fi module demonstration  xPico Wi-Fi module demonstration

Lantronix IoT / M2M product showcase  Lantronix IoT / M2M product showcase

Embedded World continues to be a solid venue for building brand awareness throughout Europe, driving leads and customer meetings, and deepening relationships with strategic partners, media and analysts.   And keep your eyes peeled — with local (Lantronix) and media camera crews on site, we’ll be posting videos of the event on our YouTube channel and website shortly.

xPico Wi-Fi Featured in EE Journal’s Fish Fry Podcast

Fry that fish!

Sizzle, sizzle… Fry that fish!

Well, not exactly. I’m actually not talking about this…


I’m talking about this…

Fish Fry podcast, hosted by EE Journal

This week, our Senior Product Line Manager Keith Chu appeared on the popular Fish Fry podcast, hosted by EE Journal. Keith talked about how our xPico Wi-Fi module was used in the ZANO drone – and the many design challenges overcome. He also discussed other applications that are ideally suited for xPico Wi-Fi.

Take a listen here: http://bit.ly/1DmLOFs

xPico Wi-Fi Helped ZANO Drone Soar at CES!

In my blog post from December, I touched upon our new partnership with Torquing Group for an exciting new nano drone dubbed ZANO. With our xPico Wi-Fi module embedded inside, ZANO is able to avoid obstacles, hold its position and know exactly where it is in conjunction with your smart device, at all times.

At 2015 CES in Las Vegas, Lantronix and Torquing put ZANO on the map. As the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on consumer technology, CES year in and year out displays the next generation of exciting technology. This year it was ZANO’s turn to shine! The tiny drone garnered a massive amount of attention – from a multitude of media that received an up close and personal look at ZANO with xPico Wi-Fi inside.

The result of all this attention? Nearly 400,000,000 impressions in publications ranging from Mashable to USA Today to Popular Science!

ZANO on display at Digital Experience

ZANO on display at the media event Digital Experience on the eve of CES

Zano/xPico Wi-Fi Coverage during CES

Just a small sampling of the coverage that ZANO/xPico Wi-Fi garnered during CES

Konica Minolta Taps xPrintServer to Enable Easy Mobile Printing

Going mobile can be advantageous for the business user – and there’s no reason why that can’t extend to printing! We’re pleased to announce that Konica Minolta has added our xPrintServer – Cloud Print Edition to its EnvisionIT portfolio to help users improve business productivity. With xPrintServer, Konica Minolta customers can now wirelessly and securely print documents from their Android and Google Cloud Print-ready devices to any Konica Minolta bizhub MFP without installing special software or apps. It really is that simple!

Konica MinoltaAdded Kevin Kern, senior VP of Marketing at Konica Minolta Business Solutions, “With businesses embracing BYOD, it’s imperative that users have access to mobile printing directly from the devices they use the most. Solutions such as the xPrintServer are designed to support the needs of today’s mobile users without sacrificing data security, ensuring that confidential information is protected.”

We couldn’t agree more. For additional details, see the article on Marketwired: “Konica Minolta Grows Mobile Print Solutions With Lantronix xPrintServer“.

xPrintServer Cloud Print Edition

The ZANO Drone and xPico Wi-Fi: Taking “Selfies” to a New Height!

You may not have seen them yet, but if you look closely, drones are here. They’re everywhere. And it’s just the beginning. While the military has been using drones since the 1970s, it was arguably Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ December 2013 announcement of his company’s plan to offer 30 minute product deliveries via drones that brought them to the mainstream. Whether or not such a delivery service pans out is less important than the buzz (no pun intended) it created – as a kickstart for the drone industry.

Amazon’s PrimeAir delivery drone

Amazon’s PrimeAir delivery drone

xPico Wi-Fi / Zano Drone Teaser Video

Watch the Zano Drone Teaser Video

Speaking of kickstart, one of our newest customers – the Torquing Group – has incorporated our xPico Wi-Fi into its latest upcoming product launch: The ZANO drone. This new autonomous, intelligent, swarming nano drone takes selfies to a new height – enabling consumers to capture HD photos and video – all in a handheld form factor.

Product delivery and selfies aren’t the only reason to get excited about drones. The Airforce has been promoting its latest Bugbot Nano drone – one in a line of insect drones being explored by military and private sector companies alike.

As a provider of smart IoT solutions for the medical industry (among other verticals), we’re even more excited about the use of drones to save lives. In October of 2014, the Netherlands’ Delft University of Technology announced that graduate student Alec Momont had developed a prototype drone that delivers a defibrillator to a heart attack victim. To address the reality that the victim’s chance of survival decreases dramatically with each passing minute, this “ambulance drone” is guided by GPS to a mobile phone location within 4.6 square miles in under a minute. Once there, the drone uses live streaming audio and video to allow emergency personnel to provide instructions on how to use the defibrillator correctly, and transmit the patient’s vital signs. With more than 600,000 deaths in the U.S. alone from heart disease, medical emergency drones would be a welcome solution.

Example of an ambulance drone delivering a defibrillator to a patient in need of urgent care.

Example of an ambulance drone delivering a defibrillator to a patient in need of urgent care. (Image Credit: Alec Momont and Delft University of Technology)

If you’re heading to CES 2015 in Las Vegas next month, be sure to check us out – we’ll be partnering with Torquing Group to unveil the ZANO drone – a perfect example of how Lantronix’ smart connectivity and mobility solutions are enabling the Internet of Things.