Replace Your EOL Cisco ISR 2900 Out-of-Band Management With the Industry’s #1 Advanced Modular Console Manager


Cisco ISR 2900 Series Alternatives

The Cisco Integrated Services Router ISR 2900 series is nearing the end of its product life cycle. If you have deployed the Cisco ISR 2900 series for terminal server and out-of-band management capabilities, you should consider the  Lantronix SLC 8000 – the industry’s #1 advanced modular console manager supporting user-swappable RS232 serial and USB serial ports, Cisco pin-outs, integrated SFP in a compact 1U form factor.

Cisco ISR 2900 Series Alternatives

As an alternative to the Cisco ISR 2911, ISR 2921 and ISR 2951 with the Async Service Module, Lantronix SLC 8000 provides a cost-effective and scalable advanced out-of-band management solution that can support up to 48 high-density USB or RJ45 serial ports or a combination of both.

The Lantronix SLC 8000 is a certified Cisco Compatible offering and is designed to deliver flexible deployment options for new and existing data center environments and engineering test labs. In addition to being compatible with Cisco equipment, SLC 8000 is also compatible with many leading network equipment manufacturers, including HPE, Brocade, Dell and others.

Comparing Cisco ISR 2900 OOB vs. Lantronix SLC 8000


Cisco ISR 2900 Series

Lantronix SLC 8000

Form Factor 1U/2U 1U
Modular Design Yes Yes, User Swappable
USB Console I/O Ports 1-2 16-48
Zero Touch Provisioning No Yes
Cabling Proprietary Straight Cabling
Power Options PoE, AC and DC Single AC, Dual AC and Dual DC
Environmental Monitoring No Yes
Multiple OOB Failover Interfaces No Ethernet, Analog Modem and Cellular
Concurrent Connections Low count Yes – up to 15 concurrent connections per device port

The SLC 8000 advanced console manager simplifies deployments with software selectable Cisco pinouts that eliminate the need for external adapters, modular design and support for Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP). With the integration of remote power management control of PDU and UPS systems from 100+ vendors and environmental monitoring sensors, Lantronix SLC 8000 can provide a unified infrastructure management solution for your data center and enterprise network infrastructure.