Device Management and Security

Lantronix helps our clients to build thoughtful device management and security into their products, with expertise in these key areas: provisioning and authentication, configuration and control, monitoring and diagnostics, software updates and maintenance and security. Lantronix has a long history of managing and securing mobile and IoT devices, including the development of our proprietary patented secure boot technology. Today we work closely with Qualcomm, Android, and other 3rd party technology to build in reliable device management and security to our client’s products.

Examples of Products Developed by Lantronix Include:
• POS – Wireless smart payment terminal software development, optimization, and security enhancements for multiple North American terminal vendors
• Digital Signage – Secure boot, Device Lock-Down, DRM, HDCP
• In-Flight Entertainment – Secure boot, DRM, Key Management
• Robotics – Customized secure boot chain, QSEE/Trustzone, OpenSSC, and tamper-proof (hardware-protected) key store
• Connected Security camera – Encrypted partition/filesystem for media storage
• Wearable – Secure boot, Device Lock-Down
• Media Hub – DRM, HDCP
• Selected case studies, including secure portable computing and Production quality software:

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