TN-QSFP-100G Series: New Product Release

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Product: TN-QSFP-100G Series

Description: Cisco Compliant 100G QSFP28: QSFP28 100GBase-X With DMI

Features & Benefits:

  • MSA standard QSFP28 form factor
    • Smallest form factor transceiver among those capable of handling 100Gig traffic, to maximize the density of optical transceiver ports on the switch to offer maximum channel count and lowest cost per bit traffic for customer
  • IEEE 802.3bm compliant
    • Provides up to 103.1Gbps data rate, interoperable with other IEEE 802.3bm compliant 100Gbase interfaces
  • Cisco compatibility - Guaranteed
    • The 100G QSFP28 complies with MSA standards, also fully complies with OEM (such as Cisco) equipment without requiring a workaround and is truly “plug-and-play”. The 100Gig QSFP28 are verified on real Cisco switches.
  • 100GBase-SR4
    • Good fit for short-range multi-lane data communication and interconnection. Integrated four lanes which can operate at 25Gbps up to 70m over OM3 Multimode fiber or 100m over OM4 fiber terminated with MPO connectors. Provides reliable long life, high performance 100Gig optical links over 12-fiber parallel cable.
  • 100GBase-LR4
    • Uses standard Duplex LC connectors and utilizes existing structured single mode fiber to transmit 100Gig up to 10km. The module converts 4 input channels of 25Gbps data to 4 channels of LAN WDM optical signals and them multiplexes them into a single channel for 100Gbps optical transmission with the built in Mux/Demux function, the receiver side de-multiplexes a 100Gbps optical LAN WDM input into 4 optical signals.
  • Low Power Consumption
    • Less heat dissipation to meet the harshest external operating temperature conditions and provides cost savings and is environment friendly
  • Digital Diagnostic Monitoring
    • Allows access to real-time operating parameters, provides component level monitoring, fault isolation and failure prediction functions on their transceiver based applications

Resources: Datasheet 

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