SRA Series: New Product Release

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Product: SRA Series

Description: Secure Remote Access: A Secure Bidirectional Communication Channel from a Network Operations Center (NOC) to a Remote Site

Features & Benefits:

  • Utilizes encrypted websocket tunnel between Secure Management Access Portal at NOC and Secure Remote Access Device at remote site
    • Protects the privacy and integrity of exchanged data while in transit
  • Bi-directional encryption
    • Protects against eavesdropping and tampering
  • Connection is initiated from the RAD inside the customer network to the MAP at the host/control site (in-to-out)
    • Eliminates the need for configuration changes to remote site firewall to allow remote access
  • Allows instantaneous remote access for immediate troubleshooting
    • Reduces network downtime and increases customer satisfaction
  • Remote access simplifies proactive maintenance, upgrades, back-up and restore functions
    • Eliminates need for planning and scheduling of personnel at remote site to coordinate remote access sessions.
  • Enables revenue-generating managed services
    • Tap into Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR) by selling customers valuable managed services.

Resources: Datasheet 

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