SM16TAT2SA: Resource Update

Posted in : Resource Updates

Product:  SM16TAT2SA

Reason for Update: Resource Update

Description: Revise firmware from v1.01.1209 to v1.02.1363. Revise Installation Guide 33716, Web User Guide 33717, CLI Reference Guide 33718 from Rev B to C.

Explanation of Update:

  • Enhancements
    • Add SSL certificates
    • Display PoE MCU FW version in the system information page
    • 802.1x supports assign VLAN attribute.
    • DHCP server assign IP addresses based on incoming ports.
    • Add NTP Time Sync Interval.
  • Bugs Fixed
    • Device's http port number can be modified in the topology view, but can't be modified in the DMS device list page.
    • Using API to get PoE "PwrAllocate" value, the value should map to Power Allocated of PoE status.
    • Switch doesn't auto-logout when screen stays idle on the DMS Topology View over 10 minutes.
    • The port doesn’t send EAP request to client if the port is not VLAN1 when 802.1 X authentications is enabled
    • Reload factory default; show "Syntax error on line
    • Can't set NTP time sync interval to 5 minutes.
    • Client can't ping the switch when the port is not in the VLAN1 and is passed port-based 802.1X authorized.
    • The PoE interface stops responding to commands after many failures of the PoE Auto Power Reset feature
    • Fix the problem of using % in the password