Select C3210 Series: Last Chance Buy Notice

Posted in : End of Life Notices

Select C3210 Series will be available to order until March 31, 2021,  or while supplies last.

  • C3210-1029-A1
  • C3210-1029-A2

This is your final chance to purchase. This product will be discontinued and will not be available to buy after this date or after current supply has been depleted.

  • A direct replacement product will not be offered. However, the same transmission distances can be achieved using the same bi-directional, single strand fiber technology, by using an SFP based media converter along with the appropriate SFP module.
Discontinued product Replacement product Suggested SFP module
C3210-1029-A1 C3210-1040 TN-SFP-LXB11
C3210-1029-A2 C3210-1040 TN-SFP-LXB12

If you have any questions, please reach out to our product support team: